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I am currently offering two types of headshot sessions. One is a Branding Session geared towards clients needing photography to visually support their brand. These sessions will provide you with a nice library of images to use for small print such as magazines and brochures as well as all of your on line presence needs. In this high tech world many of us find ourselves needing far more than just a straight head shot to support our many points of contact with clients. Some examples of where you may need these images for are: your blog,facebook business page,linked in profile,business website,email marketing and newsletters and for print. The way we will approach your session will tie in with your current branding so each session is unique to each person. We will have an in person consultation prior to our shoot to discuss your needs and put together a vision for your shoot. We will also discuss clothing choices and whether professional hair and make up is required on the day we shoot. You will have a library of 50-100 images to use from these sessions.


The second session type is a 30 minute headshot session on location in Vancouver. This is a straight forward head shot session for clients who are only needing one or two traditional style head shots from their shoot. Places you might use these types of headshots would be Linked In, company websites, business cards, online directories and newsletters. You will have approximately 30 images to choose from.

Please contact me for more information at

or (604)836-8102

Branding Sessions start at 495.00

Basic Headshot Sessions start at 175.00